Presentation Day: 1pm Sunday 21 May 2017 – The Ranch

Our lovely Lee and Dale have offered to host our annual Presentation Day at their “Ranch” in Duffys Forest at 1pm on Sunday 21 May. Thank you Lee and Dale!!

This is a great fun afternoon where our swimmers are recognised and rewarded for their efforts.

Start of Presentation Ceremony: 1:00 pm
Address: Lee and Dale’s place at: 12 Weemala Road, Duffys Forest

It’s “THE LAST DRIVEWAY ON THE RIGHT” as you find your way through less densely populated parts of Sydney…
(for those who haven’t been there yet please note that it is a rural setting with lots of space for the kids to roam; you can bring balls and ball games, even tennis stuff for the tennis courts)

The club will provide tea/coffee and cordial for the children however we would appreciate if you could bring a plate, either sweet or savoury.

Please bring prizes for the tombola table. For those of you wondering about the origin of “tombola”, apparently it is a type of lottery where tickets are drawn from a revolving drum. Tomobola is popular in Britain, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Austria and the NLASC. Tombola is an Italian word that means to tumble.

Here are some piccies of last year’s lucky recipients.   See you all there

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