Our Beloved Pool

North Narrabeen Rock Pool is located at the entrance to Narrabeen Lagoon with access off Narrabeen Park Parade. The distinctive boardwalk between the pools is an original feature and has been replaced many times. The decking encloses a 50-metre by 18-metre pool within a larger 70-metre by 40-metre pool, while the 60-metre by 50-metre pool reservoir acts as a wading pool. This pool and its boardwalk are popular subjects for photographers.

Known as the Narrabeen Rock Baths, the pool was built in the early 1930s under the Unemployment Relief Scheme and it is one of the largest and most distinctive rock baths in the Sydney area. NLASC records provide details that the club was swimming in the baths during the 1934 season.

Petitions from 1956 – 1960 to Warringah Council were raised regarding repairs that were required for the south side of the pool seawall. This was where swimmers used to walk along hanging on for dear life to the chains to get to diving platform at 50-metre mark. It was proposed that a boardwalk be built.

In 1987 it was requested that the council change the pool from yards to metres, this was passed and amended. In 1989 all races were to be conducted in meters not yards.

There were petitions from 1987 through to 1992 to Warringah Council to have the rockpool named “The ILMA SLATER POOL”. This was put forward by NLASC, The Shivering Sharks and WASA. Ilma was a life member of NLASC and had a lot to do with LTS.

In minutes of 3/7/1993, a survey was handed out to all members asking them for their preference regarding changing the swimming club day from Sunday to Saturday. The results won by one was to change to Saturday 1.30pm on a trial basis for one season. The swimming day has remained Saturday at 1:30 ever since.

In March 2002, the NSW government created an aquatic reserve from the south end of Turimetta Beach to the rockbaths at Narrabeen Head. Within the protection zone, which extends to 100 metres offshore, recreational fishing is allowed, but there are bans on taking a whole range of intertidal invertebrates including oysters, mussels, crabs and pipis.

Thanks to the NSW Ocean Baths site for providing this information for us.


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