Swimming Schedule


Swimmers meet at our clubhouse and register for their races between 12:30 and 1:15pm. We start our races at 1.30pm so ensure that you are signed in before registration is cut off at 1.15pm.





Meet Format

Race 1: “Freestyle Special”. Swimmer selects either 15m or 50m.
Race 2: Breaststroke or Backstroke or Butterfly or Freestyle in either 15, 25 or 50m.
Race 3: Backstroke or Freestyle or Butterfly or Breaststroke in either 15, 25 or 50m.
Race 4: Backstroke or Freestyle or Butterfly or Breaststroke, 100, 200 or 400m.

Each week, we swim 4 races, where race 2, 4 and 4 change each week.  See our Swim Programme for each week’s races.  All races except Championship swim events are handicapped.



Members are encouraged to improve their swimming skills by increasing the distance they swim. Swimmers must reach minimum swim times before advancing to longer distances, and swim the stroke correctly according to the guidelines of the NSW Swimming Association.

Swim distances can be changed up until 25th Jan 2020. Distances can not be changed after this date due to point score restrictions. Points cannot be awarded until registration fees have been paid.

What are Handicapped Races?

Handicapped races are when the swimmers are “equalised” by commencing their race start at staggered time intervals based on each individual swimmer’s time trial swim.  If each swimmer swims to their “handicap” time, all swimmers would arrive at the finishing line at the same time which is the ultimate goal (and a little tricky for judges) of the race. It makes for a fun race where different age groups and genders are mixed together based on ability. On go, the slowest swimmer enters the water first, followed in whole seconds by each subsequent faster swimmer.  It encourages swimmers to race against themselves in a non competitive fashion.   Our top banner is an excellent example of how handicapped races work. Each swimmer has their assigned time to dive into the water and start their race. The swimmer in lane 1 will always go off Go.  The time keeper will count up in seconds and you can start your race when your time is called.  It really makes for a fun race for everyone involved.