2016-17 Office Bearers

Position Office Bearer Contact
President Helen Rutlidge 9944 6027
Vice President Deb Graham
Secretary Claudia Schremmer email
Treasurer Maureen Rutlidge
Registrar Deb Graham
Handicappers Robyn Haggett
Delegates to WASA Sharri Boucher
Referee Member of Gregory family
Race Secretary Deb Howard
Starter Mike Rutlidge
Chief Marshall Mal Graham
Chief Timekeeper Maureen Rutlidge
Public Officer Lee Gregory
BBQ (co-ordinators) Bev & Greg Emerson
Committee The club
Webmaster Sharri Boucher
Chief Judges **This position will be shared around by club members
Fundraising Mgr ****
Trophy/Prize Organiser Deb Howard/td>
Presentation Day Helen Rutlidge & Deb Graham/td>