My Carona

Hi fellow swimmers,
We acknowledge the growing concern and need to implement procedures to stop the spread of COVID-19. We also acknowledge the many advantages ocean swimming provides to both physical and mental wellbeing. As such, the NLASC swim is currently proceeding as normal. This situation may change, depending on future circumstances.
We request that all swimmers inform themselves about the COVID-19 virus, and evaluate the potential risks involved in swimming.
COVID-19 has no friends and anybody can contract the disease, however people in the “older age groups” or with pre-existing health conditions have a greater likelihood of serious illness or even death. NO ONE has immunity to this disease. We all as individuals have a public health responsibility to try to help keep everyone safe.
For these reasons we would like all swimmers to please practice the following:
  • Avoid bringing just arrived overseas guests to swimming until after their 14-day self-isolation period
  • Any swimmer with cold/flu like symptoms or who has just returned from overseas to remain at home and not swim.
  • Enjoy your post swim icy pole/catch up whilst practicing ‘social distancing’
  • Restrain from physical contact with fellow swimmers (alas no high fiving)
All in all, please practice social distancing and good personal hygiene; wash your hands, sneeze/cough into a tissue or your elbow and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible.
We intend to disinfect and wipe down all surfaces that we use ie: pens/folders/table/computer/printer/stopwatches etc.
This is a fast developing situation and we will continue to monitor and update as required.
For more information on restrictions and updates from the Chief Medical Officer visit
I personally spoke with my doctor who is an avid rockpool/ocean swimmer and she has assured me that thus far it is perfectly safe to swim as long as we adhere to the above.
Here is our schedule for tomorrow:

SATURDAY 21 March 2020

Freestyle (special) 15m and 50m
Freestyle 15; 25; 50; 100m
Breaststroke 15; 25; 50; 100m
Because we want to catch up with as many championship events as possible you will note we have 2 listed on this program.
Yours in swimming and on behalf of NLASC committee
Deb G